You’ve just finished your manuscript. Now what? Before you send it to an editor or agent, consider the following:

submit it to a writer’s critique group for feedback;

submit it to a beta reader for proofreading;

enter it into a manuscript contest (Even if you don’t win, you will receive a professional critique.).

I offer a complete review/editing service. Contact me and I will provide you more information and references.

Happy writing.


“I am very grateful to Kathleen for doing an extraordinary job of editing my book; her attention to detail is amazing.”—Dr. Bill Maynard

“I attended Kathleen’s class on ‘Book Proposals’ at WOTS in 2016 and she elevated my writing to a new plateau. I have thirty-five years experience in aviation and no experience in writing. A great help for a neophyte like me.”—Captain Art Krull, retired-Delta Airlines

“Kathleen Kaska’s red pencil and “Good Job” comments has made me a better writer and improved my abilities to take a story from beginning to the end.”—Karla Locke, author of The Blood Stone Queen.