Welcome, June Trop – Her latest Miriam bat Isaac is Out!

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Black Opal Books has just released the third Miriam bat Isaac Mystery, THE DEADLIEST SPORT by June Trop. Set in one of the most intriguing times in history when Roman gained control of Egypt and featuring a gutsy female protagonist, The Deadliest Sport, is at the top of my must-read list.

The trouble is Miriam faces her biggest problem yet! I hope you’re going to help her.
The Deadliest Sport is a locked-room murder mystery set in first-century CE Roman Alexandria. The victim is a guest at The Pegasus, a sleazy waterfront inn where Miriam goes to investigate the disappearance of an elderly friend’s will.
Could the bashing of a jackal-faced slave’s skull have anything to do with that will? And who killed him anyway? Miriam’s brother’s buddy, the soon-to-be ex-gladiator who was sentenced to the arena for murder? An itinerant dwarf whose walking stick was the murder weapon? Or the inn’s husky hostess, a tart with both an appetite for sea captains and lofty connections to Nero’s magistrates? Why else would she be so eager to get Miriam off the premises?
Only Miriam is shrewd enough to penetrate a monstrous, multi-layered scheme and bold enough to risk her life to expose the mastermind behind it.
Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Black Opal Books, and kobo, in paperback and ebook formats.
To read or listen to an excerpt, click here: http://www.junetrop.com/the-deadliest-sport
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