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I’m happy to have Geza as my guest today. He is a follow Black Opal Books author. If you enjoy reading international thrillers, here’s a trilogy you don’t want to miss.

TWISTED TRAFFICK is the second book of the ‘Twisted’ trilogy of international crime thrillers that examine difficult but relevant issues between the former Communist world and the West. The first, TWISTED REASONS, was published by Deux Voiliers Publishing at the end of 2014. It is the story of the heist of nuclear material from one of the former sites where Stalin developed the Soviet atomic bomb. The protagonist Greg Martens arrives in Vienna to find that his college friend who was working at the International Atomic Energy Agency has disappeared. The book takes Greg and Interpol agent Anne Rossiter from the former Imperial capital to the site of the heist in Chelyabinsk oblast in Russia, and from there to Georgia where the sale of the enriched uranium to terrorists is taking place.

TWISTED TRAFFICK – published October 7th, 2017 by Black Opal Books

In book two, Greg Martens and his wife, Anne Rossiter, are called back to Vienna by Anne’s former boss at Interpol to help find their disappeared beautiful Russian friend, Julia Saparova, who is responsible at the International Atomic Energy Agency for monitoring nuclear material at various sites in Russia. Afraid that she was kidnapped by the ‘merchants of evil’ whom they thwarted in the earlier nuclear heist and whom they also suspect of human trafficking, they trace Julia to a strip club in Vienna, and get enmeshed in a web of arms and human trafficking that takes them to Hungary and then to Montenegro in a desperate bid to rescue not only Julia but a group of girls trafficked from Chelyabinsk oblast, some of whom are held hostage to facilitate a nuclear heist. The rescued Julia volunteers to carry on to Mayak in Russia where she thwarts another heist attempt.


TWISTED FATES – to be published in 2018 by Black Opal Books

The Polyakov gang kidnaps Julia, then forces her to help steal nuclear material from Mayak. She and the uranium are taken to Polyakov’s place in Greece. Greg and Anne track her down and Anne is captured in a rescue attempt. The two women are taken in Polyakov’s jet to St.Pierre et Miquelon, where Polyakov’s speedboat awaits. Greg and Interpol agent Labrecque follow and board the boat, which is on its way to Maine with the nuclear material for the Sons of Jesus terrorists. Anne is killed in the attempted rescue. To capture the terrorists, Greg and Nicholas alert the Marines and carry out the delivery. The terrorists are killed or caught. Julia, who is back on the boat guarding Polyakov and a terrorist, is close to a nervous breakdown. Greg buries Anne and eventually marries a convalescing Julia who is pregnant with the child of Polyakov, who is her cousin.


Chapter 3

“Can you get the phone Greg?” Anne Martens yelled to her husband, as―still dripping after her morning shower―she reached for her towel, exasperated that he had already let the phone ring four or five times.

“Hello! Martens residence.” She heard his voice in the neighboring bedroom, where, still lounging in bed, he had finally lowered the volume of the Liszt Second Piano Concerto he was listening to on Vermont Public Radio. “Anne? You want to speak to my wife? Of course, she is here. May I tell her who is calling?”

A pause. “John? John who?”

Then much louder, as Greg’s well-toned naked form loomed in the bathroom door and he reached the cell phone toward her: “For you, dear. John Demeter.” And putting his other hand over the microphone, he added, “Geez, I never thought you would hear from him again.”

She finished tying the towel around her body and, taking the mobile, said, “Hello, John. What a surprise! Are you coming to visit?” Her former boss at Interpol was the last person she expected to be calling her on a beautiful Sunday morning in Vermont.

“Anne, I am glad I finally found you. Sorry, but I will get right to it. We need you to help us out. You must come back to Vienna.”

“Why, John? I quit my job when I married Greg. I no longer work for Interpol—”

“I know, Anne. But you are the only one who might be able to get to the bottom of this. You, and Greg of course.”

“What do you mean?”

“Julia Saparova has disappeared. Your friend from that Russian uranium heist business a few years back.”


“She hasn’t shown up at work for almost a week now. No trace at all, no clues whatsoever. The head of security at the International Atomic Energy Agency called a little while ago. They are extremely concerned over there.”

“That is really weird, John. So—just like Adam—Kallay, who had the same job before her—”

“Yeah, I remember. The guy from the IAEA told me she was the one now in charge of monitoring nuclear security in the successor states of the former Soviet Union. Disappearing is an occupational hazard, it would seem.”

“Hmm.” This was too much, too fast. Anne needed time to process all this information.

“But come to think of it, didn’t Kallay feign his death?”

“Yes, that’s right, John. But I can’t see Julia doing that. Do you think, though, that this could be related? Or could there be another heist in the making?”

“Don’t know, sweetheart. But that is what the IAEA is worried about. And not just them. We at Interpol, too, are very concerned. That is why I need you here, with your charming husband. Pronto. You guys got to the bottom of that Kallay disappearance act, so I am hoping you will be able to figure this one out as well. And find the lovely Miss Saparova.”

“John, I am no longer—”

“She’s your friend, Anne.” In fact, she had been Adam’s friend, and Greg’s, but Anne too, had become friends with the Russian girl through that ordeal. “And don’t worry, I will make sure it is worth your while.”

“Well, I’ll talk to Greg.”

She knew he would not be happy. They had made plans to go on a big hike up near Smuggler’s Notch. And now that classes were over at Middlebury, he had wanted to catch up on his writing. He had shown her the synopsis of the next thriller in his trilogy, and he was keen to get going on it. There was also the vegetable garden they needed to plant, and the dinner party at the Gladstone’s…Anne’s mind wandered.

“We’ve booked you two on a KLM flight from Boston via Amsterdam, then Vienna. Tonight. I think it’s around nine p.m. Hope you can make it.”


“Let me know in two hours. I’ll arrange a car to drive you to Logan. Four p.m., how is that? And someone will pick you up at Schwechat. Bye for now.”


Geza Tatrallyay

Born in Budapest, Geza escaped with his family in 1956 during the Hungarian Revolution, immigrating to Canada the same year. He graduated from Harvard University and was selected as a Rhodes Scholar from Ontario. After getting a BA/MA from Oxford University he completed his studies with a MSc from London School of Economics in 1975. Geza represented Canada as an epée fencer in the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games and as a host in the Ontario Pavilion at Expo’70 in Osaka, Japan.

Geza’s professional experience has included stints in government, international organizations, finance and environmental entrepreneurship. Retired since 2004, he has devoted himself to writing; he has published six books to date, including three thrillers, two memoirs and a poetry collection and has several other works contracted with publishers. Geza is a citizen of Canada and Hungary, a green card holder and divides his time between Vermont, and San Francisco.


Website: http://www.gezatatrallyay.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/*****!/GezaTatrallyay

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003270478058&sk=wall

Linked In: vlc˚http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=146303690&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile

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  1. Interesting post, Geza, to match what sounds like a very interesting life. And how wonderful to be in the Olympics. I included sex trafficking in the plot in one of my books, Guiltless. I found the research quite harrowing. Good luck with your books x

  2. Now, TWISTED TRAFFICK is a thriller ! I’ll need an oxygen tank to read beyond the excerpt. I’m calling for a delivery right away! Great fun!

  3. Kathleen Kaska

    Thanks, Mollie and June, for stopping by. Writing thrillers takes a talent that I haven’t developed.

  4. Sounds most intriguing and I bet your experience lends quite a bit of resource material for your story 🤠 Best wishes for your success.

  5. I agree with Zari, Geza, your life experiences sound so intriguing.

  6. Thank you, friends, for your encouraging comments!