Run Dog Run: the new Kate Caraway Mystery Series—The World of Greyhound Racing

Set in the Texas Hill Country town of Wimberely, Kate sets out to investigate a murder centered around the world of greyhound racing. She soon realizes she’s stepped into a hornet’s nest.

Release by Black Opal Books on March 11.

On the case for only a few hours, Kate discovers the body of Jesús Flores, Fordyce’s ranch hand and Rosa Linda’s informant. Two days later, on her way to the River City Greyhound Track, Kate is run off the highway and almost killed. Before she can gain any credible information, someone leaves a second warning in her car—a dead greyhound—a dog she had watched race just the previous day. To make matters worse, greyhounds belonging to Molly Gibson, owner of a local greyhound rescue program, are also stolen from their cages.

As Kate’s list of suspects grows, so does her mistrust of Rosa Linda. Too many lies, unexplained disappearances, and sudden changes of plans leaves Kate wondering if there is more to Rosa Linda’s cry for help than her desire to save the dogs. Kate continues to investigate and ends up in the hospital with an unexpected body piercing: an arrow shot through her arm. While she recovers, greyhounds continue to die during races and disappear from their kennels.

The case becomes even more problematical when news arrives that Rosa Linda and her fiancé, Daniel Martinez, have been arrested in Laredo. The couple, in a humane effort to keep immigrants from falling prey to coyotes, have been smuggling illegals across the border. Jack and Max head to Laredo while Kate and Olga nose around the Fordyce ranch. It doesn’t take long for Kate to discover that Guy’s greyhound trainer, Wayne Brody, is selling dogs to research labs and poisoning others as part of his plan to ruin his employer.

While Kate checks into Wayne’s past, Jack discovers that Guy’s foreman, Diego Gomez, had been working with Rosa Linda and Daniel to smuggle Jesús’s relatives across the border. Their operation turned tragic when Gomez died of a heart attack while three immigrants were locked inside his transport trailer on the Fordyce ranch. Unable to escape, the men died of heat stroke. Guy found their bodies, and seeing his political career and livelihood in potential ruin, he buried them on his ranch. Wayne Brody witnessed the burial and stepped up his long awaited, vengeful plot. Years earlier, Guy had foreclosed on the Brody ranch, resulting in Wayne’s father’s suicide. Since he was a young boy at the time, Guy has not recognized Wayne.

Uncovering Wayne’s plot, Kate realizes he is the one who murdered Jesús and tried to kill her. The stolen greyhounds are rescued from the lab, Guy confesses to burying the immigrants, and Rosa Linda and Daniel await their day in court. Olga and Max convince Kate and Jack to prolong their visit and begin the long needed rest which caused them to leave Africa in the first place.


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