Project Old Spirits

I don’t usually read futuristic novels, but often imagine what life will be like then: science and nature, technology and inventions, and world order. In Project Old Spirits, JOSM (coauthors living in Northern California) paint an intriguing and exciting story that is set in 2156. From the first page I […]

Tighten Those Glutes!

There are some things you know you shouldn’t do, like investigate a strange sound coming from the dark basement after you’ve watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or eating a bowl of chocolate-chunk ice cream after stepping on the scale and realizing you’ve gained three pounds. Nevertheless, you do them anyway. […]

Welcome Back Judy Penz Sheluk 4

Judy’s just released her new mystery, which has been flying off bookstore shelves. For a peek, scroll down and read an excerpt. Skeletons in the Attic: A Marketville Mystery by Judy Penz Sheluk Publisher: Imajin Books (August 21, 2016) Synopsis What goes on behind closed doors doesn’t always stay there… […]

Welcome Sherry Roberts 3

Please welcome award-winning writer Sherry Roberts. Her newest Maya Skye mystery has just been released! Sherry and I met at the IBPA publishing conference in Salt Lake City last month. Anyone who is from the beautiful state of Minnesota, feeds hummingbirds, and cycles, is a kindred spirit. It’s time to […]

Welcome Judith Kirscht 9

Welcome awarding winner writer, Judith Kirscht, as she shares an excerpt for her novel, Hawkins Lane. Hawkins Lane Ned: 1981 The Bellingham courtroom fell silent as the jury filed in. Ned Hawkins stared at their faces and shivered, then gripped his older brother’s hand. Billy was staring, too, but his […]

Welcome, Maren Anderson!

Welcome, Maren Anderson, to Birds and Books. When I learned that Maren’s latest release was a romance involving alpacas, I recalled the first time I saw this llama-like animal. My husband and I were touring San Juan Island in Washington and came upon a field with odd looking creatures with […]